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Patient Testimonial

“We could not be more pleased with the whole Bekish Orthodontic experience.  We were referred to Dr. Bekish by a former patient, who now resides in Arizona, who said that the entire staff was very caring and attentive. We found that they were exactly right!

Dr. Bekish explained everything along the way and was always eager to answer any questions no matter how small.  The staff always managed to fit us in when wires needed minor adjustments.  Just recently my daughter’s appointment was moved up by some watchful scheduling because the receptionist at the front desk saw the importance of a smile without braces for an upcoming reunion.  Dr. Bekish was consulted and agreed.  My daughter’s smile is not only beautiful because of the straight teeth, but because the doctor and staff understood and were compassionate to her needs.

Our son is now beginning his second phase of braces just as his sister is having hers removed.  The office allays his fears because of the friendly atmosphere and personnel.  Kids are instructed to sign themselves in upon entering, thus allowing them a sense of ownership and responsibility in the whole process.  The office has a kid friendly atmosphere from the receptionist, to the video games while waiting, to the colorful mural where kids stand to have their “after braces” photo taken. 


We have been thoroughly pleased and sing the praises of Bekish Orthodontics to friends and family.”

The DuClos Family

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