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Dental technology is constantly advancing and coupled with our greater understanding of the biology of growth and tooth movement, many new treatments and options exist for our patients.  From intra-oral scanning to barely visible appliances in adults and teens, we are focused on getting all of our patients to a state of dental and orthodontics wellness as efficiently and comfortably as possible. At Bekish Orthodontics, we specialize in correcting the smiles and bites of both children and adults.  We look forward to discussing your options with you.




ITERO® is new technology that allows the Orthodontist to scan a digital impression of your teeth without ever placing impression material in your mouth.  Using a digital wand, our technician will move around your mouth capturing an exact 3D digital model of your mouth.  This scan can then be sent to any lab, Invisalign, Clear Correct, or other health care professional.  This not only stream lines your treatment time, but also improves the quality of treatment. Please watch our video to see how this technology will enhance your orthodontic experience!




Invisalign® is a newer type of treatment that can be used to straighten teeth without the use of conventional braces.  Invisalign uses a series of clear removable aligners to straighten teeth.  Each aligner is worn 22 hours per day (except for eating and brushing) for a period of one to two weeks.

Benefits of Clear Aligner treatment:

  • Aligners are clear and nearly invisible

  • Digital impressions for fabrication

  • Able to be removed for eating and brushing

  • Able to correct problems in adults and children

  • Studies identify aligner treatment provides less discomfort than traditional appliances


Bekish Orthodontics is a premier provider of Invisalign in the Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.  Our experience and level of additional training we have completed makes us comfortable to provide you the highest quality aligner treatment.




Clear brackets are an attractive alternative to metal appliances.  These days the front teeth typically have only the brackets glued directly to the tooth, minimizing the “train track” appearance and significantly improving patient comfort.  Brackets can be either clear or metal, depending on the patient’s preference.  Modern wires are also less noticeable than earlier ones.  Some of the wires used today are made of special alloys (Nickel Titanium) that exert a gentle force over a long period of time.   These wires allow teeth to move more efficiently and comfortably over a longer period of time… this means fewer appointments and less pressure on the teeth. 

Clear brackets are an attractive alternative to metal appliances.  Clear brackets give you all the benefits of wearing brackets without the “bling” of braces.  Clear brackets are made of a crystalline structure so they don’t discolor and remain attractive throughout treatment.

Orthognathic Surgery



On occasion there will be cases that the Orthodontist cannot treat alone.  Individuals with large skeletal discrepancies (severe underbites and overbites) sometimes will require a surgical correction.  Following a period in orthodontics the patient will be sent to the Oral Surgeon for Orthognathic surgery.  After the surgery is completed the patient will finish his treatment with the Orthodontist for approx 9-12 months. 

Early Treatment



The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children be seen by an Orthodontist by the age of 7.  While most children will not require treatment at this time, it is always good to assess future treatment needs and address any growth concerns that may be present.  In mixed dentition (a mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth) you can evaluate the space for the developing permanent teeth and see if there is going to be enough room.  During this stage, you can also evaluate the growth of the jaws, oral habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting, and the presence of missing or extra teeth.  During the comprehensive clinical examination, we also evaluate the surrounding soft tissue including the tongue and airway.  Many people do not realize that breathing and tongue issues can alter the development of the jaws, teeth, and face.  Individuals who are unable to breathe through their nose will open their mouths at night causing the teeth to dry out.  These individuals are more susceptible to not only facial changes but also cavities and bad breath.   Every child is different which is why an in-depth clinical examination of potential orthodontic problems is so important.  At our office, our evaluations are complimentary. 



The benefits of orthodontics are not just for teens!  According to the American Association of Orthodontists, approximately one-million adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment.  From increased esthetics to improved gingival health, orthodontics can help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you need and deserve.  Using either clear aligner therapy (Invisalign, Clear Correct) or traditional braces, Dr. Bekish will provide you with your optimal smile and bite.  Dr. Bekish also works with your dental professional to provide the appropriate bite and tooth position so that cosmetic restorations, implants, or other restorations can be placed by your dentist or dental team.  

Learn more about braces for adults in Fort Worth, TX, by clicking here!

Adult Treatment
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